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Stabbing Protective Backpack GUARDIAN SHIELD

Stabbing Protection Backpack Multi use removable chain-mail-layer

Item number CI-4786
condition: New

COMMANDO Industries


Stabbing Protective Backpack with removable stabbing protection chain-mail layer " Made in Germany "

For your protection against knife attacks from behind or as a protective hand-held shield,

useable by 4 handles, for upright or square shield position use

Protection layer made for the German Police.

Very handy and great all-day- and multi-purpose backpack

with partial Molle system attachments, 2 main compartments, lockable

Outside quick-access compartment with zipper, net compartment at the side, for use as a bottleholder etc.

gorgeous inner construction, utility compartment, with and without zipper, key-holder clip

Breast-strap, waistbelt with clip, volume about 42 liters

A comfortable daily pal, with an added portion of security !