COMMANDO Industries is a manufacturer and importer of rugged and resilient clothing and equipment with decades of experience in this field, made for Army, Police and Security purpose. Or simply to serve your Outdoor or Streetwear needs. Since 2001 we are supplying the European and international market with the whole variety of our quality line of MILITARY, OUTDOOR and STREETWEAR products.

Our experienced staff is ,in co-operation with our worldwide network of production partners always looking for innovations, product enhancement and completely new product trends.

We are personally testing our products in harsh parts of the world, such as jungles, deserts, high altitude areas, snowy mountains and icy regions to make sure we are selling the perfect quality.

Our main trademark, COMMANDO Industries combines Military Clothing and Equipment with functionality and comfort. Additionally there are plenty of items available for the Security sector, as well as for Outdoor enthusiasts or simply Streetwear authorities. Parts of our products have already been sold officially to several military and police forces, such as the German Bundeswehr, the Greek police, just to name a few..

McAllister is our product line for the price-conscious buyer, with very competitive prices due to large production quantities. Despite the prices, expect high standard nevertheless. The product range goes from Outdoor and Military style clothing to travel luggage to a wide range of footgear . Within this product line you will nearly find everything you might need.

KNIGHTSBRIDGE London is our trademark for the traditionals British clothing style buyer, products such as Harrington Jackets, worker boots with and without steel toe, plaid shirts and much more , some Gothic products are completing this product line. Take a Black Ride.....

Tysonz USA has been created to satisfy the American sports enthusiast, with clothing and accessories of typical American sports, such as Baseball, Football, Basketball. Styled in the USA. 

Take a jumbo across the water.... And last, but not least we also supply a line of Genuine Used Products from the Military Forces as well as from the Police , mostly bought directly from the Governments in huge lots,assorted and picked to suit you well!

If this sounds good to you, and if you are a dealer, an agent or a buyer for a government or other similar institution, please contact us for further details. Or visit us at any time in the middle of Germany.