Mc Allister

Travelbag Wizard 3-in-1 2912

Item number 752
condition: New

McAllister Travel Systems - our magical bag with so many ways to use.Perfect for traveling by train, by bus, by car or by plane, even take it into the cabin for your personal belongings.
You will never again go without it . Usable as carrying bag, shoulder bag, backpack and laptop bag, all functions included.
2 inside pockets and 1 outside for easy and quick access.
equipped with carrying handles vertically and horizontally
Rucksack strap (retractable)
padded back part
Small part and document compartment
padded shoulder strap
Dimensions ca 45 x 40 x 15
Material 100% polyester

Item ID 905
Condition New
Model Reisetasche
Manufacturer Mc Allister
Content 1 piece